What Our Clients are Saying

[one_half]“The entire experience was transformational for both me and Root Cause overall. I learned that my senior team wants to come together to support me and the organization in ways I did not know and gives me greater confidence to lead.”
– Andrew Wolk, Executive Director • Root Cause[/one_half]

[one_half_last]“I left feeling we had accomplished a great deal and a major part of that success was due to your gifted facilitation, your flexibility to meet us where we were, and the thought and planning you put into providing us with a great experience.”
– Bob Giannino-Racine, Executive Director • uAspire[/one_half_last]
“Melissa brings significant organizational development experience, is a fast learner, and pays close attention to that which is spoken and unspoken. I have been continually impressed by Melissa’s nuanced understanding of individuals and groups – she thinks deeply about what motivates people and how to make positive change. She strikes a wonderful balance of pushing individuals and organizations forward while supporting them in their growth. Melissa has consistently exceeded our expectations and, as a result, she remains a valuable advisor and coach.”
  – Elissa Spelman, Executive Director • Breakthrough Greater Boston