Is Your Senior Team Aligned?

An aligned team is a high-performing team. Here are four goals to strive for: 1. Every team member knows the top strategic goals of the organization: You have communicated your vision clearly and often enough so that your team… Read More

Saying “No” Without the Guilt

What do you say when people ask how you are?  Do you say, “Oh good, but busy”? This has become a common response. Some of us wear this answer like a badge of honor. Are we searching for… Read More

Supporting Each Other on the Uphill Battle

I don’t want to be a housecleaner, taxi driver, school volunteer, partner, friend, career woman, chef and family organizer. However, if you do, I will support you completely without judgement. Some women stay home, or work part-time, others… Read More

Remaining Open-Minded, Not Self-Critical

We are bombarded, sometimes multiple times a day, with articles, blogs, podcasts and posts that suggest we need to adjust our leadership, clean up our parenting, find balance in our life/work, take time for ourselves, lean in, lean… Read More