Organizations possess huge amounts of talent, and with luck, diverse talent. The minds and the energy that combine to run an organization can be, and often is, astounding.

However, this combination of mind and energy is only powerful when focused on with a strategic approach and thoughtfulness. Otherwise, organizations can be left with great resources untapped.

Many entities are challenged by senior leadership and lack the time to focus on key issues that are fundamental to the success of the organization.

The focus of Align is twofold. Partnering with you and your leadership team for six months to a year and providing intensive senior leadership team retreats where the important replaces the urgent.

Communication, grit and connection – three attributes completely necessary for individual and organizational success. Adapting these traits before we have to, prior to disaster, is essential.

Align was born in 2000 and has been providing services to an array of companies as their chief Strategic Advisor. The same ethics and morals that are used to raise a strong family, engage in community and civic involvement, and participate in competitive sports are the morals that are the foundation of Align’s work. Align continues to provide unparalleled service to companies and organizations.