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Is Your Senior Team Aligned?

An aligned team is a high-performing team. Here are four goals to strive for: 1. Every team member knows the top strategic goals of the organization: You have communicated your vision clearly and often enough so that your team members’ top three personal goals are directly aligned with the organization’s strategy. This will help the team …

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Saying “No” Without the Guilt

What do you say when people ask how you are?  Do you say, “Oh good, but busy”? This has become a common response. Some of us wear this answer like a badge of honor. Are we searching for sympathy? After all, the saying goes, “misery loves company.”  Are we looking for a quick escape so …

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Supporting Each Other on the Uphill Battle

I don’t want to be a housecleaner, taxi driver, school volunteer, partner, friend, career woman, chef and family organizer. However, if you do, I will support you completely without judgement. Some women stay home, or work part-time, others work full time or more than full time. Sometimes our partners help out around the house, but …

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